Undergraduate Course
SLHS 207 - Survey of Human Communication and Its Disorders
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This course provides an introduction to the study of human communication and its disorders, as well as to the fields of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. The course is appropriate for non-majors and majors alike.

SLHS 207H (Honors) - Honors contract


Graduate Course
SPH 544 - Adult Language Disorders: Aphasia

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This advanced course in adult language disorders provides a review of the neural and cognitive foundations of language, as well as specific information regarding the assessment and treatment of acquired language impairments in adults.


Independent Study
(Course Requirements)

Undergraduate and graduate students with strong academic standing can participate in various aspects of the research conducted in the Aphasia Research Project.

  • To be considered for Independent Study, review procedures detailed.
  • Recommended Deadlines
  • for Fall semester = July 1st.
  • for Spring semesters = October 1st.
  • for Summer sessions = March 1st.

    Students enrolled in independent study will have access to materials on D2L under SP H 399, 499, 599, or 699 (Beeson)